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3 Fun DIY Projects to Spookify Your Home This Halloween

Posted on October 27 2017

Looking to decorate your house for the haunting season but don't feel like creeping into the crawl space for that big bin filled with Halloween decorations? Looking for a fun project that the kids can join in on? Transform your humble homestead into a spooky space with these fun DIY Halloween decor ideas! 

DIY Blood Spatter Curtains!


The folks at outline steps to turn those old curtain panels or bed sheets into gruesome blood stained curtains not unlike something out of your favorite slasher flick!

DIY Bat Curtain!


For something a little more light hearted but just as spooky, has a great idea for bat curtains that are sure to frighten anyone who enters your creepy casa.

DIY Jack-O-Lantern Shade!


We here at Urbanest decided to take on our own petrifying project. With a little construction paper, you can turn a seemingly innocuous shade into a frightful jack-o-lantern with none of the mess!


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