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About Us


Our History

In the spring of 2006 Urbanest opened its doors to the people of Chicago. Nestled in amongst the bustling city life of the near-north side, Urbanest thrived on the diversity and unique styles Clark Street had to offer. From hosting exhibitions for artists and designers to participating in block parties and events, Urbanest will always be thankful of its roots.

In 2011, seeking a larger audience to reach, Urbanest left the brick & mortar storefront on Clark Street in exchange for a warehouse on the west side and a new home on the internet.  The move allowed Urbanest to gain customers both nationally and internationally, as well the ability to offer better prices and greater varieties of products. 


Our Philosophy

Our goal is simple - to offer the most current and timeless designs with superior quality materials & fabrics at an exceptional price. The satisfaction of our customers is and always will be our top priority.

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