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  • How Urbanest Can Help Make Every Day Earth Day

    Here are some of the ways Urbanest stays green - and some ways we can help you to get there! ~We recycle every piece of trash we possibly can. We have an entire dumpster of cardboard picked up at least once a week.~Our wraparound energy-saving curtain rods can help keep the cold out during the winter and the hot air out during the summer, saving energy on heating and air conditioning.~Blackout curtains can also have a similar energy-saving effect as the wraparound rods.~Our LED lightbulbs use less energy than a traditional bulb, while still offering an on-trend design.~Simply replacing a lampshade can help update the look of your lamp, keeping unwanted lamps from ending up in a landfill.

  • Flower Power

    Easily change your look with new cabinet knobs and pulls.

  • Wraparound Curtain Rods

    Our energy-saving curtain rods can help keep out the cold with their wraparound design.

  • Have you seen our new mermaid pillows?

    Sequined throw pillows with multi-colored sequins are a fun way to decorate your space!

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