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Use code "Home" for 15% off from now until April 7th.

  • During this national crisis, our warehouse staff is practicing social distancing and good hygiene. We are stepping up our disinfecting process. We are also offering a discount to our customers. Your home's look and feel can be important to health and mental well-being – especially when many Americans are spending more time than usual indoors. From today until April 7th, please use the code "Home" for 15% off your purchase. We hope that this finds you and your family healthy and safe. Thank you for your support of a small business.

  • We swear - spring is around the corner!

    Easily refresh your home by updating your lamps.

  • Have you seen these yet?!

    Roseland and Burnham Accent Lamps in a new finish!

  • Wraparound Curtain Rods

    Our energy-saving curtain rods can help keep out the cold with their wraparound design.

  • Have you seen our new mermaid pillows?

    Sequined throw pillows with multi-colored sequins are a fun way to decorate your space!

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