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Why Lampshades?

Posted on August 03 2017


The lighting of a room is almost as important as what’s in the room. Windows can of course cast light during daytime hours, but in the evening it’s up to the light bulb to illuminate your space.   However, have you ever been in a home lit with only bare light bulbs? Of course not, you would be blinded by the amount of pure light coming at you. Hence, the lampshade was invented.


Interesting fact, lampshades were invented far back before Edison even imagined the modern light bulb. Oil Lamps and candles adorned various unique shades to shield the bright light and spread the glow more evenly.



If light bulbs and candles are considered to be the source of light, lampshades are the tools used to harness and direct the light in the way we desire. The shape, material, direction, size, all of these play a role in how the light is cast. Whether you’re a movie director or designing your living room, an integral part of your decision-making is where you want the lights and what kind of light do you want to shine. The answer often lies in the style and material of lampshade you choose.



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